Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh How She Grows and Grows!

My eldest daughter, age 7 going on 13, has a bicycle with no training wheels. OMGosh! I cannot believe how tall she is and how much she has grown in a short 7 years. Two days ago, I watched as she no longer needed me to hold onto the balance buddy bar and jog beside her (what a sight!). She pedaled those feet and took off fast down the dirt road and I was struck by the huge achievement she worked so hard for. She is my baby girl, but a baby no longer. As I watched her proudly go further than she ever had on her own, I was so happy for her and so sad that she grows so doggone fast! Today, she actually started out without help and her face reflected pure joy. And at the end of each ride, she looks to us and says "So, what'd you thinka that????" (Tears and smiles!)

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Jennifer said...

I assume you got that attitude adjustment taken care of judging by all the happy pics!

I don't remember when I first rode my bike, and Now Alia won't have to either. She has it on her mommy's blog!