Friday, August 15, 2008

10-Month-Old Bathing Beauty

Alivia is 10 months old. She crawls like crazy. She pulls up and cruises the furniture. She is getting two bottom teeth. She watches intently as you eat. She wants her own solid food and loves noodles, mashed potatoes, and rice. She is stoic as she sizes you up and then flashes that brilliant dimpled smile. Her sister loves her. Her mother is amazed by her. Her daddy thinks she's pretty cool. And I personally think Alivia thinks she's pretty special as well. Everyone says she is so lucky. I know the truth is we are all so lucky to have her in our family.


Joe and Jane said...

Oh she's just adorable! She looks wise beyond her age by far!

And way to go Alia on the bike!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE this picture! I can even kind of see a smile on Alivia's face. :)