Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daddy Loves Me

Alivia never sat in grass before today. She just sat there, not knowing what to do. Was a little afraid to touch it. We don't put her down because of the worry of fireants.

Alia hams it up. Gorgeous day - 70s, no humidity.

Trick Or Treat, We're So Sweet

Here's some pics of the girls and our friends when we went trick or treating Friday night. Spiderman is Zach - see how good he does his Spiderman pose!! Alia was a Monster Bride, but used Alivia's hat so she actually looks more like a witch.

The cutest teeny weeny witch and big sister bride I ever did see!!!
From left to right, back to front:
Kristin, Lori, Alia, Joey
Zach, Alivia (who slept through most of the gathering time).

Here's the trio again. We missed Zach's sister, Brandi, but had fun getting together anyway!! Weather was muggy, so the kids were pretty well done after about an hour. Alia got 71 pieces of candy - she wrote them all down in her notebook by type and quantity of each type. Don't think she was trying to keep track of what mom and dad ate, but you never know!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here's Alia helping baby sis to open presents from Grandma Barb. As much as we all tried, she just wouldn't tear the paper. Very polite about it all, really. Alia did not have any problem helping and then helping some more! Yes, Alia had braids for about 2 weeks at the front of her head until I finally said - they simply must go!

Behind - Again

I wanted to post a few pictures to catch up a bit. We traveled to our wonderful friends, Ana, John & Shelby, in the beautiful moutains of Georgia last month (I think!). It was the 1st they'd met Alivia and the 2nd time they had seen Alia this year (lucky Alia!). Please note that Shelby and Alivia look like they could be cousins! Also, that's Alia's Cabbage Patch Kid she got at Cabbage Patch Babyland and Shelby's dog she got at same. Alivia, thank goodness, doesn't know about merchandising - yet!