Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sniff Sniff

We call this Sniff Sniff. It's what Alivia used to do when we would sniff - she'd sniff right back. She'd also pretend to cough when we coughed. Way tooooo cute! Originally, her rice cake was on her nose - she moved it to her forehead when I was getting the Flip video. This is from July (soooo far behind!!).

Alia's First Basketball Game

Alia elected to play basketball instead of cheer leading this year. While most of the kids don't know exactly what they are doing, they are all having fun. Alia's first game. She made 5-6 out of the 8 baskets to win, although they don't keep score at this age. I was so proud of her!! This was Saturday morning, 9 a.m. (and we were actually out of the house before noon that day!!).

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Totally unexpected, but Alia lost yet another tooth!! At least she is symmetrical! I wonder where that tooth fairy will fly through on her way tonight? Just couldn't resist posting several pictures of her hamming it up - and I love her braids, Polyanna!! No, she does not have cavities - those are her fillings as she wanted "stars" like mommy and daddy. And, no her tongue is not unnaturally that color - she had some candy stuff (hence the fillings????).

Our Little Walker

We decided it was time to get Alivia a walker. She has been pushing boxes and anything else she can get her hands on around as she walks. So here's our little bit getting ready to step out on her own. The walker converts to a toddler ride-on toy when she's a little older.

Outside Gals

Well, Tropical Storm Fay left us with a beautiful evening Friday. The wind was cool, the air was not humid, and we decided to go out and play on the parking pad. Alia invented a game called hand tennis - we used a tennis ball and our hands to play. Then she brought out the Jai Alai scoops - she got the bigger one. We were out quite a while. Alivia kept cracking up every time the ball got hit her way.

Toothless Wonder

Alia has lost another tooth. She lost it at school on Thursday. The Tooth Fairy brought her a coin from Taiwan and a Susan B. Anthony 1976 one dollar coin. Alia's Tooth Fairy is very special. She leaves the extra goodies for mommy and daddy to provide (Alia got a book light for her lost tooth) and doesn't follow tradition by leaving traditional money. She travels the world finding special coins for Alia for each lost tooth. Isn't that the coolest?? I don't know how she knew Alia was in Taiwan this year, but somehow she did!

Friday, August 15, 2008

10-Month-Old Bathing Beauty

Alivia is 10 months old. She crawls like crazy. She pulls up and cruises the furniture. She is getting two bottom teeth. She watches intently as you eat. She wants her own solid food and loves noodles, mashed potatoes, and rice. She is stoic as she sizes you up and then flashes that brilliant dimpled smile. Her sister loves her. Her mother is amazed by her. Her daddy thinks she's pretty cool. And I personally think Alivia thinks she's pretty special as well. Everyone says she is so lucky. I know the truth is we are all so lucky to have her in our family.

Oh How She Grows and Grows!

My eldest daughter, age 7 going on 13, has a bicycle with no training wheels. OMGosh! I cannot believe how tall she is and how much she has grown in a short 7 years. Two days ago, I watched as she no longer needed me to hold onto the balance buddy bar and jog beside her (what a sight!). She pedaled those feet and took off fast down the dirt road and I was struck by the huge achievement she worked so hard for. She is my baby girl, but a baby no longer. As I watched her proudly go further than she ever had on her own, I was so happy for her and so sad that she grows so doggone fast! Today, she actually started out without help and her face reflected pure joy. And at the end of each ride, she looks to us and says "So, what'd you thinka that????" (Tears and smiles!)

Ready for Bed

Our happy girls, ready for bed. Gotta love 'em!! Look at the beautiful grin on Big Sister's face!

Our Groupie

Here's Alia riding her daddy's motorcycle for the first time. She was so excited!! They took the windy back roads home and her daddy was extra cautious. She loved it!

Our Girls

Alia and Alivia at work.

Alia's Photography

Alia took these pictures.


Alright, my friend Jennifer has been on me for months to update my blog. She is, of course, right that I should keep up more regularly. So I will try to please her and in turn give you all more views of the kids and keep a memoir for our beautiful girls. In no particular order and for as long as I can hold up tonight, here goes . . .

This is Alia ready to ride a virtual reality ride at Disney Quest to celebrate her 7th birthday. They grow way too fast! She was a little anxious at first, but soon got to love the whole gaming thing. We spent from opening to nearly close just having fun. Great way for her to celebrate another milestone!