Friday, August 15, 2008


Alright, my friend Jennifer has been on me for months to update my blog. She is, of course, right that I should keep up more regularly. So I will try to please her and in turn give you all more views of the kids and keep a memoir for our beautiful girls. In no particular order and for as long as I can hold up tonight, here goes . . .

This is Alia ready to ride a virtual reality ride at Disney Quest to celebrate her 7th birthday. They grow way too fast! She was a little anxious at first, but soon got to love the whole gaming thing. We spent from opening to nearly close just having fun. Great way for her to celebrate another milestone!

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Jennifer said...

Yeah! New pictures!

Not only do I want you to keep it up for me since I moved away, but I want you to keep it up for your girls. They will love going back and looking at pics of themselves and reading stories about when they were little.

I'm glad Alia liked the games. Happy Birthday Alia!