Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Clowning Around

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Butterfly Girl

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Alia Gets her Top Dawg Award

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Alia and Mallory

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Top Dawg Girl!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Why So Smug????

Alia is smug because she has some new friends in her house! Posted by Picasa

Meet Frostie

We added to cats to our family on Saturday, March 17, 2007. They were rescued from a shelter in Tennessee by a nice couple who then brought them to Florida. Unfortunately, their grandchildren were very allergic and they needed to find a home for these two sweet cats. We were fortunate enough to bring them home. This is Frostie. He is the smaller of the two, but probably because he doesn't eat as much. He is also very quiet and lovable. They were both very quiet on the trip home and all night last night. Alia is in heaven! Posted by Picasa
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Alia Loves Frostie!

Alia calls Frostie her kitty. I told her she's responsible for both cats along with me. She has been good about the litter box and picking up their toys. She favors Frostie because he loves all the attention she gives him. He also likes to play a little more than Rocky. Posted by Picasa

Meet Rocky

This is Rocky. He seems to be making himself at home. Of the two, he is more laid back and his meow is a little louder. He is definitely the more mature cat. He's a sweetie and likes Alia's bean bag! Posted by Picasa


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One Happy Girl!

Frostie checks out the underside of Alia's loft bed. Posted by Picasa

Alia and Shelby Meet Again

Alia's friend, Shelby, and her family stopped by for a visit when then came from Georgia to attend a wedding. The girls had a blast playing together again! Posted by Picasa