Sunday, December 28, 2008


Alia and Alivia's first Christmas together. Alia turned 15 months this date. Out in front: Alia's hamster, Shayla, from Mom and Dad. She is holding her Nintendo DS. Alivia doesn't know what to make of the hamster (neither does the cat for that matter). She likes her Elmo's restaurant. The two boxes in the back are from our washer and dryer - we cut in windows and doors and the girls really have enjoyed them. They are big, though, so put them outside today. Next year, I think we will follow the 3 gift rule - these girls needs so little, although we love seeing their faces light up. Many of the gifts you see are from family, too. So, as my friend Ana has always said, if 3 gifts were good enough for Jesus . . . We get way too materialistic. I remember my room being so much sparser in terms of toys than the girls' room will ever be - and I was quite, quite happy. Can you imagine our 7-year-old wanting an iPod for Christmas? At least with the Nintendo, it can grow with her. And, of course, books are always a good bet. And Alivia's favorite toy? The package Alia's tennis balls came in. Go figure....

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Jennifer said...

I know what you mean about the toys. Charlotte has way too many for 1 toddler and they are all really big gifts that require batteries too.

I read some where that kids should get 3 gifts - 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, and 1 thing they can read.