Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fall Fest Pics

I'm rather working backwards here. Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Such is the nature of this blog and it reflects my scattered brain, so hopefully no harm done. This is Alia and me during the Fall Fest photo shoot at her school. I took over 500 pics (3 of each kid, more or less) and could barely walk the next few days. My knees aren't young any more. One of the moms took this for Alia. The school set the backdrop. It was a fundraiser for PTO. This is my fun side - my creative side where I get to work with the kids. This part of photography doesn't make me nervous (no weddings, please), and I really enjoy getting the kids to smile - when I can! As you can see, I love my daughter very much. Just gotta hug her!!

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Jennifer said...

Maybe some day we can drag you up to Hollis Gardens for some Sabin family pictures. I like your set up.