Monday, May 12, 2008


One thing we realized while unpacking - we didn't pick up Alia's baggage from the airport!!!! The staff arranged for it to be delivered for $11 US. Whew! So much for the 3 of us keeping track.

From our hotel, we took a taxi to Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world. You have to watch out for the taxis and drivers and mopeds in the streets at the crosswalks, so getting across the street was a little interesting. Part of Taipei 101 is shopping - 6 levels of shopping!!! The basement had the most marvelous laout of restaurants and a grocery. We were in heaven!! We had 2 different kinds of noodles and some fried rice for lunch - $4 US for 4 nice plate fulls! Well worth the trip just to see this clean, interesting market. Taipei 101 itself is pretty amazing. World's fastest elevator, too.

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Rae said...

Love the photo of Alia with the skyscraper behind her! You (and Alivia) will treaure these photos some day and what an amazing experience to get to know her birth country.